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Independent evaluations are available for patients desiring
to know if they are a good candidate for refractive surgery,
including LASIK, PRK, LTK, Intacs, or SRP.

Why should I choose Dr. Sawusch to perform my
Laser Vision Correction (LVC) or other
refractive surgery procedure?

Although there are many qualified Ophthalmologists performing Laser Vision Correction and other refractive surgery procedures, few have Dr. Sawusch's unique qualifications, as summarized below:

Among the first Ophthalmologists in the US to perform Laser Vision Correction in 1990.

One of the original Food & Drug Administration investigators at the USC Doheny Eye Institute in the initial clinical trials of the excimer laser used in modern refractive surgery.

Over eleven years experience performing refractive and corneal surgery, and has performed over 4,000 procedures.

Winner of the prestigious Heed Fellowship in Corneal Surgery.

Graduate of the highest ranked Ophthalmology Residency in the US at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute.

Certified by both VISX and Summit Technology as an excimer laser surgeon.

Among the first in California to have experience with the new improved "down-up" LASIK technique performed with the Hansatome microkeratome.

Multiple publications, international meeting presentations, and instructor of other Ophthalmologists on refractive surgery techniques.  Author of two chapters in Ophthalmology reference books.

Clinical instructor of Ophthalmology, USC Doheny Eye Institute.

Dedicated to personalized, individualized, and conservative care to insure that candidates for Laser Vision Correction receive the best possible outcome.

For more information regarding Laser Surgery, 
please visit the Lasik Institute


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